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Exploring Our East Coast Partnerships For World-Class Seafood

When it comes to seafood, there is no substitute for the authenticity of being wild-caught. which is why you don’t receive farm-raised products from us. While aquaculture has its place in the industry, we believe in providing our customers with the unparalleled taste and purity of wild-caught seafood.

By exclusively sourcing our products from sustainable, wild-caught harvesters, we ensure

that every bite you take is bursting with the authentic flavors of the ocean. Our commitment to quality means that you can trust that each selection from The Crab Place is not only delicious but also ethically sourced, allowing you to enjoy your seafood with confidence and peace of mind.

Waterman boat in the Chesapeake bay

Waterman on his boat fishing

Strategic Seafood Partnerships

Being strategically located in the Crab Capital of the World, sourcing premium blue crabs is easy. But to bring you a variety of high-quality seafood products, we venture beyond our waters to other East Coast fishing habitats to bring you seafood from the Nation’s top sources. From the Northern Atlantic to the Southern Gulf, we are located right in the middle to help find you the best tasting and highest quality seafood that the ecosystems of the East Coast provide.

The shrimp and lobster that we offer at The Crab Place are products of these strategic seafood partnerships with our fellow East Coast companions. So, let’s take a look at where and how our delicious Gulf Shrimp and Maine Lobster tails are sourced.


Sourcing All-Natural Gulf Shrimp from the South

The conditions of the Gulf of Mexico make it one of the world’s best places to harvest shrimp. With low tides and muddy basins, the shrimp have a higher mineral quality that adds to the firm texture and delicious taste. The gulf is also fed by many rivers that flow into it bringing a sweeter water quality that in turn produces a sweeter tasting shrimp. Nearly 85% of pink shrimp harvested in the U.S. comes from the Gulf of Mexico just off the Floridian coast.

To bring you this delicious, unrivaled decapod, we partner with vendors straight from the source. While our shrimp is currently only available frozen, there is no compromise in its quality and taste. Our partners catch these shrimp with the intended purpose of freezing. This means that after the shrimp are harvested, they are kept in pristine condition. They are immediately frozen on the boat in a chemical-free brine that preserves the freshness of the shrimps’ quality and flavor. Shrimp that is caught fresh for the purpose of staying fresh and only then frozen to extend its life is different from catching shrimp solely for the purpose of freezing. When fresh, wild-caught shrimp is immediately frozen the fresh flavor profile is preserved, ensuring a higher quality frozen product.

Additionally, our partners use sustainable fishing methods to ensure that the shrimp population is not negatively impacted. The shrimp we source comes from a sanctuary area in the Gulf that prevents harvesting by trawling. This protects young, underdeveloped shrimp from being caught, allowing the shrimp population to replenish itself year after year.


Sourcing Pristine Lobster Tails from the North

We partner with local operations in Maine to bring you premium lobster tails straight from the source. The cold water and brisk tides of the Northern bays make a perfect breeding ground for producing lobster with the highest quality of flavor. The waters here are clean and have a high mineral content that makes a significantly better product.

Once the lobsters are harvested from these pristine waters, they are taken to the docks and immediately transferred into natural ocean tanks. These tanks simulate conditions identical to the ocean so that while the lobsters wait to be processed, they are maintained in an environment that is as if they never left the ocean, preventing any compromise in product quality.

Maine Lobster Tail from The Crab Place

The processing plant is located right at the resource location, so the lobsters don’t have to endure transit outside of the ocean’s waters long. In the processing plant the lobsters are introduced to a high-pressure processing (HPP) technology that is designed to preserve the product without heat and extend that product’s shelf life all while guaranteeing food safety. These facilities use the HPP to extract the meat before individually quick-freezing (IQF) the tails with nitrogen.

With the use of HPP and IQF nitrogen, these lobsters are humanely processed in a quick manner that prevents toxins from developing and stabilizes the flavor. This ensures that although you are receiving a frozen product, you are receiving it at the utmost highest quality, with no compromise on texture or taste.


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