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Our Evolution of Shipping Steamed Hard Crabs To Your Door

Updated: Apr 29

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pot of steaming hot hard crabs

Say 'hello' to the TRUE pioneers of shipping/delivering steamed hard crabs to your door! When the first started shipping hard crabs, the internet was brand new and not many people were using it yet. Owners Greg and Matt were able to buy from local watermen and steam the orders in a tripod steamer.

Since they didn’t have too many orders yet, this method of steaming worked – as long as they didn’t forget about the crabs! Often the pots or crabs would burn if they were left going too long.

Crab Place now has its own boiler and two retorts with an automated system that allows us to steam 36 bushels every 20 minutes; this has greatly improved the consistency and the quality of the steamed crabs’ texture and taste.

How We Ship Steamed Crabs to Your Door

measuring hard crabs by hand

To bring you the best of Maryland Hard Crabs, our team sorts the live crabs into bushel baskets so they can be prepped for the steamer. Once the crabs are cooked, they are then cooled before going through our in-house grading process. During this grading process our team measures each crab by hand – yup that’s right, BY HAND. Every single individual crab is graded for its size and quality. The graded bushels are tagged with the appropriate size and set inside the cooler ready to be packed and shipped directly to your door!

FUN FACT: During our local Hard Crab Season in 2023 (from April 1st to the end of October) we shipped over 6,000 bushels of Hard Crabs. That’s over 400,000 Hard Crabs!

Our HCD Team

While the Hard Crab Division started off as Greg in his kitchen – it has since evolved into a team of hard-working committed individuals who love Crabs just as much as you do. Our team of three is headed up by our Rockstar Manager Ashley H. and her amazing team Montel D. and Paul K., all who are dedicated to improving the quality of our processes.

hard crab division team of employees at The Crab Place

Our Rockstar Manager Ashley H.

Ashley joined the company in the summer of 2019 when she left the restaurant industry to start her Crab Place journey. Accustomed to providing quality service in a fast-paced environment, Ashley was well-equipped to handle the busy demand that packing summer hard crab orders brought. After two years of exceptional work on our production lines, Ashley was offered the opportunity to take over the Hard Crab division. With the influence and support of our leadership team Ashley has developed into a strong leader and has been able to successfully improve the organization and structure of the Hard Crab Division. This has allowed us to continue providing our customers with the best of the best.

“I wouldn’t trade my experience working here. The core values of the company have given me personal and professional growth, which is something most places cannot offer.”

Watch us pack up orders in preparation for delivery to your door!

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May 19

I love to have seen your ad I hope we can do business been looking for a place for shipping for a long time hope we can work together , about shipping is it extra ? let me know.

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