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The Father-Son Team Behind A Father’s Day Special

This Father’s Day, we’d like to highlight the special Father-Son legacy that exists between Owner Matt Sr. and his son Matt Jr. Raising a family while starting a business is no easy feat, but it forged a bond between Matt Sr. and Matt Jr. that they cherish to this day.

Owner, Matt Sr. and his son, Matt Jr.
Owner, Matt Sr. and his son, Matt Jr.

Responsible for product sourcing, Matt Sr. was often on the road, traveling to pick up products from local vendors and source premium seafood varieties from new vendors. These travels allowed him to bring Matt Jr. along, giving Matt Jr. the chance to experience the business first-hand and learn from his father. This time together was not just about business; it was about Matt Sr. being a role model and a positive influence in his son's life.

Years later, these experiences proved vital, as Matt Jr. was asked to join the company by his uncle, owner and founder Greg Cain. Hiring family members can be risky, and although Matt Sr. enjoyed having his son grow up with the business, there was hesitancy because of the obvious pitfalls of perceived nepotism. Matt Sr. says, “We always just wanted to hire the best talent – family or not.” Fortunately, it was actually Greg’s idea to bring Matt Jr. on board after the company experienced unprecedented growth in 2020. Greg liked that his nephew had graduated from college first, showing that he could achieve something on his own and wasn’t dependent upon the family company to hire and support him.

And so, Matt Jr. came to work for his father and uncle at, where he currently serves as the Assistant Director of Supply Chain, sourcing products of the highest quality for our customers.

As an owner, Matt Sr. says that his son “has been a tremendous asset to our company. We are very like-minded in some regards, which helps immensely in explaining ideas behind what we currently do as well as where we’d like to go. But he’s also his own person with his own ideas, and that combination lends very well to moving us forward into the next generation.” Matt Jr. has been spearheading the company’s efforts in enhancing the quality of the products we source, from our fresh and frozen seafood to the accessories that accompany them. He has fully embraced the company’s vision of delivering the best products and services, embodying the family values instilled in him by his father.

As a father, Matt Sr. reflects, “I never really thought much about Matt Jr. coming to work with me and for the company. I just always wanted him to do whatever made him happy as far as a career, and I wasn’t sure if this was the path that it would end up being. But I am very thankful that it happened like it did, and I’m also very proud of him. Watching him grow into his role and seeing the positive influence he has on the company and our legacy fills me with immense pride.”

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the remarkable journey of Matt Sr. and Matt Jr. at, a testament to the enduring power of family, mentorship, and the legacy of quality and dedication that continues to shape our company.

Owner Matt Sr. and his son, Matt Jr. (2024)
Owner Matt Sr. and his son, Matt Jr. (2024)

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