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Get Ready For Crab & Cruise: The Baddest Crab Party on the Bay

Updated: May 7

Crab and Cruise server holding a tray of Maryland blue crabs

Established in the early 2000s, Crab & Cruise is a seasonal all-you-can-eat crab feast that hosts 20 weekend summer events and serves over 4,000 guests from all over the country. The events include a cruise portion where guests are invited to enjoy Crisfield’s beautiful sunsets with a 2.5-hour evening cruise post the feast.

When the event was first launched it was a three-day event, that included the feast, crabbing demonstrations, and fishing charters. Growing up in Crisfield with a population of roughly 2,500, Greg and Matt wanted to create something that would boost the economy through tourism. With the Crab Capital’s rich seafood heritage and history, it only made sense that that something would be a Maryland Blue Crab experience.

Customers enjoying a crab feast at the Maryland Crab and Cruise

The Crab feast spread at a Maryland Crab and Cruise

While the main feature of the event is Maryland Hard Crabs, people can also enjoy a full spread of shrimp, wings, ribs, meatballs, sweet corn, mac & cheese and more, allowing those who aren’t seafood fans to come enjoy the experience. Each event has a theme, and some like Mo-Town and All-80s, inspire our guests to dress up to enjoy the fun. Our goal as a business has always been to deliver exceptional service and treat our guests like family. We have customers who come every year because of how much they enjoy the atmosphere we create.

Check out our social media to get a glimpse of what we call

“The Baddest Crab Party on the Bay”

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